Mozbife operates an abattoir at Chimoio and various retail units across Mozambique, to ensure the Group benefits from the full value uplift of the butchered product.

The Vanduzi feedlot provides ~1,000 animals per month to the abattoir and this is further supplemented by native animals from the local community, including goats.

Mozbife operates four retail units in Chimoio, Manica, and Nampula (two units). The retail units, which are supplied with carcasses from the abattoir, are a key facet of Mozbife's integrated, "field to fork" strategy. The retail units perform strongly for the Group, underpinned by the domestic demand for meat.

The abattoir is Halal certified ensuring meat can, in future, be exported to the rapidly growing Middle Eastern market in addition to satisfying local demand.


Beef consumption in Mozambique has been steadily rising and is forecast to continue to grow rapidly as the country experiences rapid growth from the development of natural gas resources and as living standards improve.