Mozbife owns and operates the Vanduzi feedlot, located near to Chimoio, Central Mozambique.

The Vanduzi feedlot has capacity to provide over 1,000 animals per month to the abattoir. The majority of the animals are purchased from rural and commercial farmers in surrounding areas for fattening in the feedlot. The increase in the animals' weight through the fattening process, and the related variable and fixed costs of the feedlot, enables the operation to contribute to the net cash generation of the beef operations.

In conjunction with the feeding pens, Vanduzi also has 1,050 hectares of land for pasture and production of feed. This helps to keep feed costs down and maintains an integrated operation. Furthermore, the feedlot works strategically with other companies in the Group, for example by using bran, the by-product from the grain processing facilities, as a feed supplement for the cattle.


Beef consumption in Mozambique has been steadily rising and is forecast to continue to grow rapidly as the country experiences rapid growth from the development of natural gas resources and as living standards improve.