Shareholder Analysis

Financial summary: Index AIM ALL
Status: AIM
Stock Code: AGTA
Sector: Food Producers
Financial year end: 31 March
Total issued share capital: 2,279,061,769 Ordinary Shares and Deferred Shares (in aggregate)
Total voting capital: 2,124,061,769 Ordinary Shares

In accordance with the AIM Rules (Rule 26), in so far as the Company is aware, the percentage of the Company's issued share capital that is not in public hands is 59.17% There are no restrictions on the transfer of AIM securities

Key Shareholders as at 15 September 2017 which hold more than 3% in the Company:

Key Shareholders



Magister Investments Limited 1,062,243,291 50.01%
Gersec Trust Reg. 67,144,744 6.32%
Beyond Africa Fund Limited 106,776,005 5.03%
Libra Fund LP 52,729,574 4.97%
William Philip Seymour Richards 98,250,000 4.63%
Global Resources Fund 67,888,600 3.20%


Hamish Rudland * 1,062,243,291 50.01%
Daniel Cassiano-Silva - 0%
Caroline Havers - 0%
Gary Ronald Smith - 0%
Brendan Scott - 0%


* Mr Rudland's interest is held through Magitser Investments Limited ('Migister'). Magister is a private limited company incorporated in the Republic of Mauritius, wholly owned by Mauritius International Trust Company Limited, as trustee of the Casa Trust (a Mauritius registered trust). Mr. Hamish Rudland is the settlor of the Casa Trust and the beneficiaries of the Casa Trust are Mr. Rudland, his wife, Mrs. Bridgette Rudland and their three children (all of whom are under 18 years old).